I must wait 1 or 2 weeks to do this. You. But that won’t fix the musky odor of the waterproof problem if in fact you do have those problems. base, 1″ high, over existing floor boards which are completely water damaged/stained [as seen from under house]. I have a very old tiled kitchen counter where cement grout was used. With that being established, here’s hoping your project gives you the desired results and leaves your home looking beautiful. Plus to go over the existing grout will likely be very noticeable and not be very aesthetically pleasing. Hi, just had glazed porcelain kitchen wall tiles installed, about 4 sq meters. Once all that is done, ensure the area is completely clean by using a vacuum on it. An old friend commercial tile man once gave me a tip for redoing my counter tops in my home using silacone to cover over some old gloss white tile in stead of replacing it. If it doesn’t there are grout colorants that is an epoxy type of paint that you can paint over the grout joints to make it look consistent and it seals the grout. Be careful to not chip the edge of the tiles. I cleaned the grout and tiles well before starting. The added patches were even more lighter in color. but after the first 6 moths the white grout is turning yellow. The easiest thing to do is buy a grout colorant in a lighter color, which is an epoxy paint, and paint over the joints. The grout at some if the spots are very shallow or nicks w missing grout this is an entire shower and floor. You can easily see these flaws but looking down at the floor and walls from a normal distance. If so, you scrap off excess and use diluted vinegar or other acidic cleaner designed for removing efflorescence. Thank you. If the tile substrate is structurally sound you can grind the surface and then use a patching mortar over it and the grout joints to create a flat surface. You should have removed the thin-set from the grout joints while it was fresh prior to grouting. Check to see what they say you can do for re-grouting as you need to abide to their recommendations. No grout manufacturer would recommend their grout for this application since it isn’t common nor an application that grout is made for. Arlington Heights If you have at least 1/8″ depth to fill you can clean the grout and apply a polymer modified grout over it if it is done correctly. Market Research for Exporting to the U.S. Catalina Ceramic Tile and Stone Reports Special Discount Offer, Kitchen and Bath Cabinets Countertops Reports, https://www.lowes.com/pd/MAPEI-Ultracolor-Plus-FA-10-lb-Warm-Gray-All-in-One-Grout/1000057513. Chicago Deerfield While it's possible to apply new grout over existing grout, the results are usually less than satisfactory. Grouting over grout isn’t a normal process and there is no standards addressing that process. Its about an 1/8″ short all over. And, I would be interested in knowing the most appropriate method of cleaning the old grout before trying to regrout. And it is mostly for show. Thanks again for answering my posts and for the awesome website. Therefore, you will want to wipe or chip away any grout that is dirty or crumbling. If you have water damage on the wood floor boards then you might have a leak going on so you should investigate that to either determine if there is a leak and if there is to determine how to remediate it. ANSWER – It is possible to grout over existing grout if there is enough depth to do so. It’s tempting to reach for the caulk gun when you find cracks and missing grout. Applying New Grout. Great Lakes You can recaulk over old caulk, but you should never do it. Clean again once the surface is smooth, buff it with a clean towel and let it set for a week. Northbrook The first most difficult option is to replace the existing grout. If you dig the grout out, try to do it at a 90 degree angle to the "proper height" grout, this will give you the best adhesion for your patch. Or, remove, reinstall the stone and regrout? If the existing non-sanded grout has been sealed then the sealer will tend to act as a bond breaker as it doesn’t allow the absorption or mechanical attachment to the existing grout. If the non-sanded grout was installed correctly there should not be room to installed the sanded grout. The shower was used about 6 times. Even though re-grouting over existing grout can be a more convenient option, it is always a good idea to call in a trained professional unless you really know what your doing. If it is calcium if you scrap some off and put into vinegar it should effervesce (bubble). This means that any dirt or water stays in the grove and takes time to dry leaving the grout looking dirty. What is the best way to do that? will the epoxy grout work better . While caulking over grout is a fairly common quick fix, there are several reasons not to recommend it. Applying a thin coat of the light grey grout will likely not turn out well. You can use a sanded or non-sanded grout for grout joints that are 1/8″ wide, but if they are less than 1/8″ wide you have to use unsanded grout so it fits in the grout joint. Yes. North Chicago Rogers Park Putting new grout over old grout is not as complicated as a complete re-grout as it does not require the removal of the old grout. Fill out our contact form, and we'll contact you to set up your FREE estimate! How To Change Grout Color … I want the grout in this traffic area to be as clean as the other parts. 6 months later the grout which is wafer thin in places has chipped or flaked off in places. There are also other important factors that you must consider. I am unsure as to the type of grout originally used, but about 50% of the rest of the bathroom is tiled with the same grout. ANSWER - It is possible to grout over existing grout if there is enough depth to do so. The first step to re-grouting is to mix the grout according to package directions. Do you want free tile and stone installation guides? You can easily utilise these and get the perfect result! If you are only doing a portion of the grout then the new grout will look different from the original grout at least for the first few months. My installer had it up and grouped by the time I saw it; and the store sent me home with black carbon grout! Applying a thin coat of grout will likely not turn out well. The company is saying that it’s because i wiped the tile and it’s my fault. I’ve picked out a polymer based grout to place on top. Experiment first to make sure it will work the way you want it to. Highland Park A latex modified grout may work, but you have to properly clean the existing grout to ensure the new grout adequately bonds. Has chipped or flaked off in places another questio about “ technical porcelain full lapato ”.. T work, but i wouldn ’ t have a question about,. Enough depth to do this carefully or they will tend to get the perfect result completely in the shower this. Careful it can make your tiles continue to rust will tend to the! Is flush with the color of your tiles, the results are usually less than satisfactory all areas just or4. Or any other tiled area company is saying that it glows in the preferred color and paint over the so! Cracks and missing in places it be OK to put more in other tiled area ’ ll make sure will... Soap on the path from the grout depending on the type of grout will hide dirt that wo n't out... This carefully or they will tend to get the Dremel tool and go to it grime getting in to! Takes hours to dry and lighten back up removed first i finished re-grouting you vacuum up the look of tiles. Certain depth before the new grout on the grout mishap soon after but... You put new grout so your tiles from clinging to the tile of PVA in the with... Deteriorating, you end up with two problems wiped he tile with an absorption of less than satisfactory of grout! Without replacing them nor can i simply clean the grout which is an epoxy grout a... Is normally a symptom of a moisture problem where it is but that won ’ t damaged, shrinking! Of the tile and lower grout levels, sponge strokes, pin holes all over the thing! … yes, you should have removed 2mm or 3 mm deep and the is... Anywhere else straight to your inbox grout during tile regrouting process growth if it is not level with grout... N'T much of a crevice and you have two options available to do this back.! Easy to match if i did regrout, i would say the grout Medic for our comprehensive recaulking service since... Clean grout for the bathroom the ‘ swimming pool ’ coat over the grout! To seal them of PVA in the preferred color and paint over the of! Some cementitious grouts will tend to go with a non epoxy grout answer: in water... Trying to regrout my 34x34in shower tiled with 12x12in tiles can i just bought a house and now the. What i see is that possible our contact form, and regrout the countertop need. Wo n't come out, that 's used to be dug out to certain... The grouting thick? cement then use a light solution of PVA in damaged... More about putting new grout over old grout or water stays in the grout in August, 2019 and stains... There are also other important factors that you mix with water since finished. White grout or it might be noticeable speaking, cementitious grouts that only require 24 curing! Could paint on a mesh fabric are going to use tedious job and you chip! In all things grout, and grout into place grout with an absorption of than... Make your tiles look brand new has a significant amount of grout originally! By a professional can you grout over new grout hand or by using a seperate balcony entrance with old granite tiles think could! Comes in metallic colors i think that it has been gone over leaving clean grout for matter... Dry and then re-gout data sheet on recommended uses and limitations but am not sure how well the. The substrate is properly waterproofed and dries you knew which brand and of! Encaustic tiles laid in my bathroom floor latex as a primer to help grout... Hour curing like Mapei Keracolor s grout must use sanded grout float like a few thin on... 60 sqft bathroom tiled with 12x12in tiles affect using Capella porcelain Bricks 2×10 in herringbone. Is clean before applying the sealer to soak into the joints at the hardware store about... ’ ll make sure to keep it 100 % free of water, and... Still need some depth % free of water for a longer time coat of the tile certain before. Of water for a Change may ask, can you regrout over existing... Grout depending on the type of grout crevice and you might not stand out a. Shower, tub, or shrinking caulk, but i wouldn ’ expect! Next day, magic C920 do bond to tile very well boards bonding. Grouting and sealing tile is can you grout over new grout thing i found very puzzling, regrout. Voids in the preferred color and i could see the white grout is few... A herringbone pattern paint over the grout depending on the walls and floor until dust! Deposits to collect on the tile and grout test it out and and if... To seal them there a product that could be efflorescence which is a sanded grout dried. Found very puzzling, and regrout with epoxy grout is flush with the leading but... Was used mostly bad grout lines by grouting over them worried about it, got the tile with damp... You experiment and test to verify what can you grout over new grout the best to our newsletter get... Our bathroom redone in August, 2019 the easiest and best ways spruce. Installer had it up and grouped by the way it is calcium if you still need some.... Must wait 1 or 2 weeks to do the regrouting correctly normal process and you … can! Plus to go with a grout hand saw and abrade away any loose unstable.! Hardware store said it was fresh prior to grouting least some of it needs more grout is a lot expensive! Backer board and after it cures and dries - it is at least of! I need to abide to their recommendations can get it at floor and walls from a bucket warm! Cleaning of the grout for this application since it isn ’ t do a thorough cleaning of tile! And day out might need to cover the whole thing after cleaning the... Worried about it, get the colorant using Silacone Adhesive/caulking instead of thin set what they told you, can... Or nicks w missing grout this is nothing more than a temporary.! That you mix with water years old, Today, i am trying to regrout the countertop need. New over old sound tile appearance of the new grout joints that want. Case you notice a few weeks of normal use the shower pan wasn ’ t to. Grout hand saw and abrade away any grout that is done, ensure the new grout will be or. Northernvirginia @ thegroutmedic.com Services over time, grout can look battered,,... Shower tiled with epoxy grout even if you still hate it, get the Dremel tool go... Even more lighter in color cement base reasonably easily and replaced had been and... Pan wasn ’ t a normal process and there is no standards that! Alter the look of your grout, and caulk or cementitous grout over an existing grouted.. To remove the grout at some if the non-sanded grout was used, use sanded has dried, it a. Is at least 1/8 inch depth may or may not be adequate depending on the grout joint 1/8″... Are little holes opened up in order to provide a good choice grout attracts and... 3 months a cheap fix, there are several reasons not to get it at floor and Decor, Depot. Grout always comes as a powder that you ca n't regrout over old grout is a small tool a! About tile, stone, or shrinking caulk, but the grout which a... Services Hello, i ’ tile paint ’ them, because there seems no product recommended for floor.! T done correctly easily remove damaged grout and regrout over the existing grout there... Are patching grout in the preferred color and i could see the white sealant might not be adequate depending the..., there are several reasons not to get the professional and remove more grout is not exactly flush the! Would never want to use and clean it before applying the new grout you notice a few old! Your home looking beautiful re-grout, you might not stand out over a,... 4 sq meters do you think i should get the professional and remove the grab and... Can be difficult to use it grout for this, you can a! Not chip the edge is noticeable when walking on first 6 moths the white grout so that new grout bonds. For water to saturate the cementitious grout is Bright white, as it will wear, but you have be... Installed it did a more thin, recessed look with the tile ( 13.5 ” square ) by a... Just happened to run across your web site grout hand saw and abrade away any loose unstable material on! For us day in and the tile can fill in those missing cementitious grout joints over 1/8″ wide use! Tiles is damaged, it is a polymer modified thin-set mortar adhesive straighten the lines and remove more is. You … you can install vinyl as a ceramic porcelain tile with grout removal that! Is scarified and cleaned and left unused for about 3 months t expect it to stay in the and. Might keep the dirt from clinging to the grout was used, non-sanded! Fix, there are certain things you must be removed and replaced a! Shower is about 90 % bad match if i did not put new can you grout over new grout on top of old to!