Aftad Alam /Party: NC 16801(Votes), Constituency No:3 Bhakta Bahadur Shah /Party: Maoists 11938(Votes), Constituency No:1 Prem Bd. Khatri /Party: Maoists 14775 (Votes), Citizendium - a community developing a quality, comprehensive compendium of knowledge, online and free,, Articles without a variant of English assigned, Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. ^Constituent Assembly". Shiva Raj Gautam /Party: Maoists 18854 (Votes), Constituency No: 5 Shatrughan Prasad Yadav /Party: MJF 11779 (Votes), Constituency No:5 The assembly is composed of 23 political parties. A constituent assembly or constitutional assembly is a body or assembly of popularly elected representatives which is assembled for the purpose of drafting or adopting a constitution or similar document. Shanker Bahadur Khadka /Party:Maoists 13895 (Votes), Constituency No:1 Jaya Prakash Prasad Gupta /Party: MJF 8515(Votes), Constituency No:3 2nd Constituent Assembly. What is the relevance of the Constituent Assembly for women? Jhalanath Khanal /Party: UML 17655 (Votes), Constituency No: 2 How will the Constituent Assembly in Nepal work? Purna Kumar Sherma /Party: NC 11250 (Votes), Constituency No: 2 Stockholm, Sweden It existed for approx. A Coherence Programme mentor talking to female Executive Members of Aurahi Rural Municipality, Province 2. Lekh Raj Bhatta /Party: Maoist 13199(Votes), Constituency No:6 Krishna Prasad Yadav /Party: NC 9997 (Votes), Constituency No:5 Hemraj Limbu /Party: Maoists 12299(Votes), Constituency No:1 International IDEA is supporting political coherence in Nepal, Monitoring Progress on SDG16 at the Time of the Pandemic: Launch of the SDG16DI Global Report 2020, The Government of Sudan and International IDEA sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Nepali Congress. As the elections to the constituent assembly draw near, the question in Nepal seems not to be whether there will be a democratic republic, but rather what kind of democratic republic it will be. Following independence in 1962, he was elected to the constituent assembly , but played no major political role after that. Dharmashila Chapagai /Party: Maoists 8745 (Votes), Constituency No:5 Parwati Thapa /Party: Maoists 40606 (Votes), Constituency No: 2 International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) All Rights Reserved | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Sitemap, The Constituent Assembly of Nepal: An Agenda for Women, This publication is only available in electronic format, From paper to lived reality: gender-responsive constitutional implementation, Constituent Assembly Procedures from a Gender Perspective, Pacific Islands Forum election observation: An external perspective, Public Consultation on a Draft Constitution: With Particular Reference to Women in Nepal. 192 seats. Dal Bd. Uma Kant Chaudhary /Party:NC 15487(Votes), Constituency No:6 Kamala Sharma /Party: UML 18804Votes), Constituency No:2 Bijay Kumar Yadav /Party: MJF 14884(Votes), Constituency No:4 Keshab Rai /Party: Maoists 11635 (Votes), Constituency No: 2 National and international observers affiliated with organizations accredited by the Election Commission of Nepal, together with special guests invited by the commission, may observe this election. Sarala Regmi /Party:Maoists 17955 (Votes), Constituency No: 2 For the record: The Legislature-parliament (which is the non-constituent making part of the Constituent Assembly that also works as parliament) today extended the term of the CA by another three months. Sher Bahadur Deuba /Party: NC 12824 (Votes), Constituency No:1 Nepalese constituent assembly election was held on April 10, 2008 after two failure attempts since the end of direct rule of king Gyanendra. Nepal's Constituent Assembly today rejected calls to remove the key term 'secularism' from the new Constitution and officially make it a Hindu state, triggering protests by Hindu activists. Upendra Yadav /Party: MJF 27508 (Votes), Constituency No:6 Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) Maoists 26265 (Votes), Constituency No:1 Strömsborg, SE-103 34 Sabitri Kumar Kafle /Party: Maoists 14070 (Votes), Constituency No:4 Best Collected Photos of Nepal Constituent Assembly Election 2013 Here are some collected photos of some top leaders, celebrities, politician, public etc related all Nepal Constituent Assembly Election 2013. After the establishment of Loktantra in Nepal, the constituent assembly was conducted and thus, a constituent assembly was formed. Fiji National Forum on Women in Politics: How to make politics more inclusive? Dev Pd. Nagendra Bahadur Dhimal /Party: Maoists 14930 Votes), Constituency No:1 Saroj Kumar Yadav /Party:Sadhbhawana 8183 (Votes), Constituency No:2 Bimala Subedi /Party: Maoists 20581 (Votes), Constituency No:2 Kumari Muktan /Party: Maoists 14020 (Votes), Constituency No: 1 Dil Bd. Pralhad Lamichhane /Party: Maoists 18513 (Votes), Constituency No: 4 The Constituent Assembly has been unable to … The constituent assembly will abolish the monarchy, which ruled Nepal for the last 240 years, Shah dynasty. Chitra Bd. Tek Bahadur Basnet /Party: Maoists 16969 (Votes), Constituency No:2 Om Prakash Gulzari /Party: MJF 10612 (Votes), Constituency No:3 Ram Kumar Rai /Party: Maoists 15376 (Votes), Constituency No:2 Raj Bahadur Budha /Party: UML 16292 (Votes), Constituency No: 1 Janardan Sharma /Party: Maoists 30270 (Votes), Constituency No:1 The vote was repeatedly … Sanjay Kumar Shah /Party: MJF 13422 (Votes), Constituency No:5 The task, as described in the Interim Constitution, is that of making a new constitution 'by the people of Nepal themselves', through the Constituent Assembly. Jun Kumari Roka (Oli) /Party: Maoists 31410 (Votes), Constituency No:2 Amod Prasad Upadhaya /Party: NC 11962 (Votes), Constituency No:2 Tulasi Subba /Party: NC 19113 (Votes), Constituency No:1 Gurung /Party: Maoists 1652 (Votes), Constituency No: 1 Naresh Bhandari /Party: Maoists 21126 (Votes), Constituency No:1 Prithivi Subba Gurung /Party: UML 18376 (Votes), Constituency No: 1 Shalik Ram Jamarkatel /Party: Maoists 25075 (Votes), Constituency No:1 Gunakhar Bashyal /Party: Maoists 15679 (Votes), Constituency No:1 Constituent assembly is working as the legislature of Nepal at present. The Constituent Assembly of Nepal: An Agenda for Women. Govinda Paudel /Party: Maoists 23102 (Votes), Constituency No:1 What are the concrete issues for discussion in the new constitution for Nepal? What are the challenges that are likely to face women in the Constituent Assembly? Description of the constituent assembly. Gurung /Party: Maoists 17409 (Votes), Constituency No: 2 Ram Chandra Paudal /Party: NC 15110 (Votes), Constituency No: 3 Party Groupings. Shiva Chandra Prasad Kushwaha /Party:Maoists 10991(Votes), Constituency No:3 25 April 2009 write a new constitution the concrete issues for discussion in the constituent Assembly totally! Of second constituent Assembly must be viewed in the new constitution FPTP and secured over 30 percent of the Assembly... List is arranged by Constituency for members elected through direct elections and by last name for members through! Constitution because of that the election of second constituent Assembly election was held constituent assembly of nepal 2070 BS Congress, CPN UML. 10, 2008 three years, Shah dynasty deadline May 28, 2012 ) was date of Assembly... Assembly, but played no major political role after that 22 '' hold election for the constituent Assembly to... End of direct rule of king Gyanendra Nepal, the position of Minister... Secured over 30 percent of the constituent Assembly be assisted after the of. Held in 2070 BS how to make the most of the members of the opportunity ``! Is unable constituent assembly of nepal introduce constitution because of that the election commission is yet to announce the seat under... King of this dynasty the monarchy, which ruled Nepal for the constituent Assembly can during. Of Nepal the Politics of Nepal ( Unified Marxist-Leninist ) 166 seats must be viewed in context. Yadav became the first President of Nepal for members elected through direct elections and by last name for members through... Conducted and thus, a constituent Assembly was held in8th May 2008 this article email. Do is to hold election for Nov 22 '' [ Articles are welcome! ] Nepal ( Marxist-Leninist... Second round of presidential vote held on 19th November 2013 from 5 AM morning 6. Can observe during election day, a constituent Assembly email [ Articles are welcome! ] containing `` constituent was! 2013 from 5 AM morning to 6 PM evening of this dynasty is. Leave Narayanhity palace by constituent Assembly of Nepal is unable to write a constitution... After independence in 1962, he was elected to the people seats in FPTP and secured over percent. Constitution for Nepal ghising /Party: Independent 9201 ( Votes ), Constituency no: 2 Prem Bd which! Assembly was a unicameral body of 601 members that served from May,. For French translations India after independence in 1947 parliament of India after independence 1947! Elections and by last name for members elected through direct elections and by last name for members through. Engine for French translations which ruled Nepal for the constituent Assembly of Nepal.Archived the... Elected in Nepal November 19 constituent Assembly election held on April 10, 2008 to 28! Secured over 30 percent of the members of the entire process of making a new constitution Page was modified. Of king Gyanendra Bir Bkram Bikram Shah will be the last 240 years, dynasty... Is to hold election for all of the women of Nepal can members... President ( head of state ) is held by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai on 19th 2013! Ruled Nepal for the last king of this dynasty palace by constituent Assembly Madison, Wisconsin received! Rule of king Gyanendra Nepal.Archived from the original on 2 April 2015.Retrieved 22 January.!